Trivia Night at Prairie Bay: Harry Potter Fail


Every 4th Monday of the month is Trivia Night at Prairie Bay.  Starting at 6 PM, host Phil Holbrook will lead the participants for the evening through a series of questions.  These may be anything from a movie clip where you name the actors, movie, and year it came out; to what year did WW1 start.  TV, History, Music, Movies, Geography, Actors, Events… you name it… it could pop up in the evenings questions.  There are 3 rounds total, the 3rd round being a speed round.

Which brings me to last night…

I like to think of myself as a Happy Potter pro.  I know the books, I know the movies, I know the actors.  Last night’s question:   What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl, gave me pause.  What is that birds name?  Our team pondered and I landed with Hedgewig, they agreed and we submitted it.  (Yes, I can hear you groan while reading this).

The correct answer is of course, Hedwig.

My flub cost our team the point and at the same time provided some comic relief the rest fo the night when I tried to get everyone to believe the “G” was silent.  I share all of this mainly to let you all know – you can not know everything and that is ok.  Trivia night is fun, it’s social and in most cases we walk away having learned something as well.

Think and Drink Trivia at Prairie Bay is on their 4th Season and rocking it out with usually 7 to 10 teams in the room.

What You Need To Know:  Trivia is every 4th Monday at Prairie Bay.  You do not need to RSVP.  Your team can consist of up to 4 people.   Happy Hour prices are honored during trivia.  Show up, make up a team name, and have a lot of fun.

Why Should You Go:  It is a great way to hang out with friends and/or family and have fun.  Phil Holbrook is not only ridiculously witty, he is fun too and adds a lot to this event.  The teams are not crazy big, therefore it is fairly easy to pull a team together.  Prizes are awarded to the top teams for the evening.  What else are you doing on a Monday evening?

I hope to see you at future Trivia Nights.  Come on in and check it out!





Upcoming Trivia:

March 25th

April 22nd

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