Sushi Anyone?


Any Sushi lovers out there?  I am.  I love the fresh taste and the mixing and matching of flavors.

…but making it?

Uhhh… no.

No idea how.

Last night my husband and I attended Matt Annand’s Class on ‘Simple Sushi and Sashimi‘ that was offered through the Brainerd Community Education Guide.  I have tried to get in to this class before however I found out that Matt’s classes fill up fast.  Freaky fast.  Now I was in.

This class had around 25 people in attendance.  Matt had all the supplies we would need to not only see how to make sushi at home, but also to give it a try in class.  Here are the basics of what you would need to get started making your own Sushi.


Starting from the upper left:

Bamboo Sushi Mat used to roll the sushi

Sushi Nori

A good sushi making rice  (not all rice is great rice for sushi … not by a long shot)

Plastic wrap

A mix of veggies that you enjoy

an assortment of delicious sushi meats that could include:  Ahi Tuna, shrimp, salmon and crab

Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Spicy Mayo (or other flavors you enjoy)

A good knife for cutting the roll into slices


Matt started this demonstration by showing us what basics you would need for sushi making.  He also demonstrated the type of rice that was best to use as well as how to cook it perfectly so we would have good sticky rice. Those in attendance were given step by step guidance and then we were turned loose to try our hand at creating our own.



In a couple words:  Seriously fun.   I would not say I was a pro. My first sushi attempt was an overloaded roll and because of this some of the rice and goodies escaped the sides.  It was however, still delicious.   I left with the knowledge of how to make my own sushi at home.   Mission accomplished.

If you like sushi I highly recommend attending a class.  Matt will be hosting A Sushi Demonstration at Sherwood Forest on March 6th.  The cost is $25 per person.  Here is more information as well as the link to register.  if you go, be sure to let us know what this experience was like for you.


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